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i procrastinate so much i’ll probably put off death and never die

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my blog is an inconsistent piece of shit but at least i have fun

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Abbey Lee Kershaw in "Swing Time" by Norman Jean Roy for Vogue US January 2012

Abbey Lee Kershaw in "Swing Time" by Norman Jean Roy for Vogue US January 2012

"It will never fade, Alina. It will only grow worse, no matter how many scarves you hide behind or what lies you tell, no matter how far or how fast you run."
I tried to turn away, but he reached out and took hold of my chin, forcing me to look at him. He was so close I could feel his breath. “There are no others like us, Alina,” he whispered. “And there never will be.”
I lurched away from him, knocking the chair over, nearly losing my balance. I pounded on the door with my iron-bound fists, calling out to Ivan as the Darkling looked on. He didn’t come until the Darkling gave the order. (insp)


sandsnakes // tyene sand 

she rose as they entered, dressed in a clinging gown of pale blue samite with sleeves of myrish lace that made her look as innocent as the maid herself. in one hand was a piece of embroidery she had been working on, in the other a pair of golden needles. her hair was gold as well, and her eyes were deep blue pools. . .and yet somehow they reminded the captain of her father’s eyes.